Tibetan Blue Bears

The Tibetan bear or Tibetan blue bear (Ursus arctos pruinosus) is a subspecies of brown bears native to the eastern Tibetan Plateau. These bears are also known as the Himalayan blue bear, Himalayan snow bear, Tibetan brown bear, or the horse bear.

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Tibetan blue bears live in the alpine regions of eastern Tibet, western China, and Nepal. These bears are rare and hardly spotted in the wild. Thus, it is difficult to describe their general habitat.


The Tibetan blue bear has black fur that usually has a hint of blue (hence the name). On their chest, there is an off-white cream color that spreads into a collar. Younger bears have lighter shades.


The actual status of the Tibetan bear is unknown. It is listed as an endangered species and believed to be an extinct bear species by some.

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