7 Extinct Bear Species

There’s no doubt that there are several different types of bears in existence today. However, there are also a few extinct bear species that roamed the earth.

There are about seven kinds of bears that are now extinct. They are the Atlas bear, Bergman’s bear, California grizzly bear, Mexican grizzly bear, the Steppe brown bear, the short-faced bear, and the cave bear.

Atlas Bear

The atlas bear or African bear was a species of brown bears that live in North Africa. They lived in the Atlas mountains ranging from Morroco to Libya. They weighed up to 1,000 pounds and fed mainly on roots, acorns, and nuts.

Bergman’s Bear

Bergman’s bear is extinct subspecies of the brown bear that lived in the Kamchatka Peninsula. Swedish zoologist Sten Bergman identified and named the bear in 1920. There’s not a lot of information about this bear, and there is little evidence to support its actual existence.

California Grizzly Bear

The California grizzly bear is an extinct subspecies of the grizzly bear, the huge North American brown bear. This bear shared similar characteristics to that of the Kodiak bear found on the southern coast of Alaska.

Mexican Grizzly Bear

This bear is an extinct species of grizzly bears that lived in northern parts of Mexico. The Mexican grizzly bear also used to live in parts of Arizona and Texas.

Steppe Brown Bear

The steppe brown bear is an extinct subspecies of brown bear that lived in Eurasia during the Pleistocene period. Fossils of the bear have been found in various caves in Slovakia.

Short Faced Bear

The short-faced bear is an extinct bear that inhabited North America thousand of years ago. They lived mainly in California and are thought to have been the fastest species of bears due to their forward-facing toes.

The Cave Bear

The cave bear was a species of bear that lived in Europe and Asia. This bear became extinct 27,500 years ago during the ice age.

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